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99% of people have genetic variants that will impact how their medications work...and few know it

3-4% of people have an actionable genetic risk that can be addressed....and few know it

...ActX® can change that

Personalized Medicine for the Patient

Today, with ActX, your prescriptions can be automatically checked against your genetics for efficacy, dosing, and potentially serious side effects, helping to individualize and improve your care. Actionable genetic risks can be identified for early intervention. Your genetic profile is accessible 24/7 via the ActX mobile app and patient portal.

Precision Medicine for the Physician

Today, precision medicine means having genomic decision support seamlessly integrated into your EHR. Get active help for potential drug genomic interactions as you write prescriptions. Receive alerts in your clinical inbox for serious hereditary risks, updated as our knowledge grows.
The leader in EHR integrated genomic decision support

ActX is the leader in providing EHR integrated solutions to health care systems. We enable Precision Medicine by providing painless system wide implementation with comprehensive, customizable, and continuously updated content.
Patient Stories

Read stories based on ActX patients who signed up for the ActX Service and learned important information about their genetics.
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