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Bring the Power of Genomics into Your Practice with CGM GENOMICS Powered by ActX®

Personalize patient care with CGM GENOMICS Powered by ActX®, a turn-key service that integrates genomics directly into the electronic health record. Focus on genetic risks you can do something about with straightforward, evidence-based clinical recommendations. ActX has partnered with CompuGroup Medical to make these insights available in your normal workflow.

Check drug-genome interactions in real time

99% of patients carry one or more variants that affect medications. As prescriptions are written, CGM GENOMICS, in collaboration with ActX, provides clinicians with immediate alerts if there may be issues with adverse effects, efficacy or dosing based on the patient's genetics. This service covers most U.S. drugs with sufficient evidence of genomic impact.

Identify actionable hereditary risks

Clinicians can use CGM GENOMICS to identify and understand their patients' actionable genetic risks. For the 3-4% of patients with actionable risks, providers will be alerted in their normal inbox and provided with recommendations for their effective management. Your patient's genetic data is regularly reanalyzed as new research becomes available, and clinicians will be notified if the analysis changes.

Access up-to-date information right from your EHR

CGM GENOMICS, in collaboration with ActX, creates a Genomic Profile for each patient you test, which is accessible within their chart. The Genomic Profile includes a complete list of potential drug-genome interactions, actionable hereditary risks, and carrier statuses for the patient — as well as complete clinical decision support for each finding. When new evidence becomes available, we update the Genomic Profile and notify clinicians if there is a major change.

A turn-key genomics service

CGM GENOMICS includes everything necessary to make genomics a routine part of health care. In addition to genomic decision support, our service offers affordable patient DNA testing from ActX that can be ordered within any of CGM's EHR solutions. Visit our Physician Page to learn more about the testing process.

Choose the right service for your patients

The CGM GENOMICS Full Service option includes pharmacogenomics, hereditary risk assessment and carrier status. However, for patients who may not want to know their hereditary risks, we offer the Pharmacogenomics Service. This option focuses on drug-genome interactions and risks that affect their medications.

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