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Precision Medicine Today

ActX makes it possible for the first time to bring the power of genomics into your practice, beginning the era of Precision Medicine. Our Actionable Genomics℠ Service focuses on evidence-based genetic risks that you can do something about.

Drug-genome interactions

Precision Medicine Today Integrated into your Electronic Health Record, every time you write a prescription, ActX checks the drug against the patient’s genetics, alerting you only if there is an issue with adverse effects, efficacy or dosing. ActX covers almost all U.S. prescription drugs for which there is evidence of a genomic effect. For example, a significant percentage of the U.S. population likely gets no pain relief from codeine, based on their genetics, and ActX can alert you to these patients.

Actionable genetic risks

In your Electronic Health Record, the ActX Patient Genomic Profile shows actionable patient genomic risks. For example, patients with Lynch Syndrome, a genetic condition, can have up to a 70% lifetime risk of colorectal cancer, which can be detected at an early stage through colonoscopy starting at a young age.

A full turn-key solution

The evidence-based ActX ServiceThe evidence-based ActX Service:
  • Provides patient genomic information and real-time Genomic Decision Support℠ Service
  • Is continuously updated based on the latest literature and includes references
  • Evaluates the strength of the evidence and the quality of the patient data. Existing patient genetic data is frequently reanalyzed and you will be alerted if an important new issue is found for a patient.
  • Is accessible directly through your Electronic Health Record (EHR) or via the ActX website (if your EHR does not yet have the ActX Service).

How does it work?

How does it work?In addition to our real-time Genomic Decision Support℠ Service, ActX makes it easy to obtain your patient's genetics using a small amount of saliva.

After you authorize it, your patient:
  1. Receives an email allowing them to sign up for the ActX Service
  2. Signs up on the ActX website and pays for the service (the service is currently paid for by patients and not yet covered by insurance)
  3. Receives a saliva collection kit at their home
  4. Spits 1 cc into a tube and then mails it directly to our CLIA-certified laboratory, where it will be genotyped or sequenced
After quality assurance, the ActX Genomic Decision Support℠ Service will be activated. You will be alerted when your patient's data is available, and when any immediate or subsequent serious medical risks are found. If you are using a partner EHR, then every time you write a prescription, it will be checked for drug-genomic interactions, and you can access an up-to-date patient Genomic Profile in the EHR at any time.