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ActX can provide your organization with a live, flexible, EHR integrated, genomic decision solution in a matter of weeks, not years.

ActX has been chosen by the largest EHR vendors to support the needs of their customers for genomics.

"ActX will help…make the best therapeutic choices for our patients by recognizing that individuals respond differently to the same medication based on their genetics. ActX will provide clinical decision support during the normal physician ordering process, which is the key to physician adoption. We can improve care and maintain normal clinician workflow,"

- Brett Oliver MD, Chief Medical Information Officer at Baptist Health.

Health System benefits

  • Provide system wide precision medicine
  • Improve prescription efficacy and reduce adverse drug reactions
  • Individualize prevention
  • Major differentiator to attract new patients
"The ability to predict ahead of time which drugs will be effective for a unique patient across many different clinical scenarios and to identify in real-time which medications may cause patients serious issues, will save lives and improve the quality of our care while also being more cost effective"

- Dr. Marc Matrana, Director for Ochsner Precision Cancer Therapies Program

ActX offers painless integration and is actionable for clinicians.

Painless Integration

Rapid Implementation:
Our solution can be implemented system wide in weeks rather than years.

The ActX software platform includes comprehensive content that can be customized to meet the needs of your institution.

Genetic Data:
Easily import existing or new genetic data or optionally use ActX's inexpensive micro-array.

Minimal Computing Resources:
Light technical footprint with no internal storage requirements and minimum processing requirements.

End to End Encryption:
HIPAA compliant with sophisticated authentication and auditing.

Actionable for Clinicians

Workflow Friendly:
Prescription orders are automatically checked against the patient’s genetics providing real time alerts about efficacy and adverse reactions. Serious non-medication actionable alerts go to the normal clinical inbox. The patient chart includes an easily accessible and up to date genomic profile.

GenoACT℠ Actionable Genomic Decision Support:
Our genomic decision support focuses only on actionable conditions, as shown by published evidence. It provides your clinicians with:
  • Information on the impact of the genetic variant
  • Brief clinical education on the risk or condition
  • Suggested actions your clinicians may take

Up to Date Clinical Decisions:
The ActX knowledge base is continually updated based on the latest published evidence and industry recommendations so your clinicians can provide individualized care without being an expert in genetics.

Actionable Genomic Decision Support:
Our genomic decision support focuses only on actionable conditions based on published evidence.

Comprehensive Genomic Coverage:

"ActX's tools allow doctors to view a patient's genomic profile, indicating which drugs may be a problem and why. This feature is the cool piece for us. Instead of presenting pharmacogenomic information in terms of the genes, ActX presents this information in the context of the drugs”.

-Healthcare Executive at NorthShore University Health System

Avoid the challenges of trying to internally develop a system

Some health systems consider integrating genomics into their EHR via an internally developed project. While internal projects can demonstrate the potential of genomic decision support, they face serious challenges at scale. The reason is that there is typically no place to store large sets of genetic data in the EHR, and existing EHR decision support rule systems do not adapt well to the complexity of genomics. These two factors lead to a very limited internal genomic decision support implementations that are difficult to maintain, even in organizations with substantial technical and genetic capabilities. Examples of challenges include:
  • Writing, maintaining, and testing hundreds of logically complex alerts
  • Storing and analyzing patient genetic data sets which can be as large as 6M variants per patient
  • Performance and computer resource issues
  • Human capital costs: An internal project requires many hours from team members and consultants including IT personnel, project managers, physicians, geneticists, pharmD’s, etc.
  • Scalability: New alerts or changes to existing alerts need to be developed continuously as our knowledge advances. Computer resources can be strained as the genetic data on file grows and complex algorithms execute.
The ActX platform is a turnkey, highly scalable solution that can help your organization overcome these challenges and get genomic decision support to the bedside in a matter of weeks.

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