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Use Actionable Genetics Screening to Personalize your Medical Care

Medications (Pharmacogenomics):

Help your physician use genetics to pick the best medication for you. Your physician can use your genetics to avoid ineffective medications, medications that are likely to cause side effects, and adjust medication dosing.

If a physician is using an electronic health record with ActX activated, then your prescriptions will be automatically checked in background as they are written.

99% of people have genetic variants that will impact how their medications work.

Actionable Hereditary Risks:

Learn about serious genetic risks you may have and what you and your physician can do about them.

3-4% of people have actionable genetic risks that can be addressed before problems arise.

Carrier Status (Genetic conditions that can affect your children):

Understand what your genetics can tell you about genetic conditions that do not affect you but can be passed on to your offspring if both you and the other parent have a variant in the same gene.

60% of people who plan to have children will have at least one genetic condition they potentially could pass on to their children.

Results you can Understand:

Information is given to you in a way that is easy to understand. Includes links to other references. To aid your physician, they receive a technical version with evidence-based references and suggestions for what to do.

Frequently Updated Content Based on the Latest Scientific Information:

The ActX medical scientific team constantly analyzes newly published information and updates the ActX KnowledgeBase. Your genomic profile is frequently re-analyzed using the latest KnowledgeBase and then updated. You and your physician will receive alerts about important changes.

Seeing your own results:

You can access your results online through the private ActX portal or through a smartphone app. You will receive the results 5 to 7 days after your physician. You can have access no matter where you travel to in the world and share your results with any physician you see.

The ActX Smartphone App is Available for iPhone and Android:

Privacy and Security:

Your information is kept securely and privately. You and the authorizing physician will have access to your genomic profile. You can choose which other healthcare providers will have access using the online portal. You can also use the smartphone app to share your results with any physician you choose.

Is ActX Genetic Screening Right for You?

  • Are you taking more than three medications?
  • Do you have two or more chronic conditions?
  • Are you familiar with your family history of cancer or other serious disease?
  • Are you adopted?
  • Do you plan on having children?
  • Would you want to know if you had a serious actionable disease risk?

HSA/FSA Acceptance:

Because your screening is authorized by a physician you can generally use your tax-free HSA and FSA accounts to pay for your genetic screening.