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Precision Medicine TodayExample: A physician writes a prescription and an alert pops up that because of the patient's genetic background, she is likely to suffer a severe side effect from the medication.

Example: At a patient's routine annual visit, a physician checks the EHR for the patients genetic risk profile and discovers that the patient has Lynch Syndrome, with a preventable 70% lifetime risk of colorectal cancer.

Instead of imagining a far future, your EHR can offer this functionality today.

"We are proud that our open web service architecture has enabled important new genomic decision support functionality within EpicCare. We believe that genomics will play a key role in the future of healthcare."

- Carl Dvorak, President of Epic


GenomicsThe first sequencing of the entire human genome was completed in 2003. Since then, thousands of studies have been published on the clinical significance of genetic variants, and the cost of sequencing has dropped by a factor of hundred thousand. A new era is dawning in clinical medicine where we will be able to make personalized, precision, diagnostic and therapeutic decisions based on each individual's genome.

The efficacy and side effects of numerous drugs are related to a patient's genes. Using a patient's genome, side effects can be avoided, ineffective drugs avoided, and drugs can be given in the correct dosage. The importance of genomics has been recognized by the FDA, which has already changed the prescription information for more than 100 drugs to reflect the impact of genomic information.

Beyond medications, there are already other practical applications of Actionable Genomics℠. For example, it is possible to predict a patient's risk for certain serious conditions, and to take preventive measures to avoid them. An example is Lynch syndrome, undiagnosed in an estimated 500,000 Americans, which raises their preventable lifetime risk of colorectal cancer to 70%.

Research on the clinical impact of genomics is continuing at a rapid pace, and the number of clinical genomic applications is increasing every year.


Act nowMaking genomic information an integral part of the medical record will be a game changer for the practice of medicine and a major competitive advantage for those EHR companies with the strategic vision to act early.

Until now, it has not been practical for EHRs to include genomic information on a routine basis. Constantly changing knowledge, large data sets, the difficulty of clinical validation, the lack of standards and other urgent priorities (such as Meaningful Use) have prevented EHR companies from acting.

ActX offers a solution that eliminates all of the technical barriers to genomic implementation faced by EHR developers and allows EHR developers to easily and rapidly add sophisticated GenoACT℠ Genomic Decision Support to their products.

Acting now will allow you to wow your prospects, build significant new revenue, and improve your relationship with your customers.




  • Our continuously updated, evidence-based, KnowledgeBase of clinically actionable genomic conditions is world class.
  • We focus on actionable information with clear impacts that physicians can truly use to help their patients. We use original sources and the best scientific information available.
  • Our in-house team of clinicians, geneticists, and clinical pharmacists are advised by some of the leading medical geneticists in the world.


  • Our web services are designed to be simply and quickly implemented, minimizing the development resources needed.
  • Our unique, scalable, design offers low latency and fast response.
  • Our approach is designed to fit into your product architecture and look and feel.
  • Minimal client computing resources are used because there are no storage requirements, and only small demands on computer memory and processors.
  • All data is encrypted end to end, with sophisticated authentication and audit procedures. Patient privacy is a primary goal and the technology is designed to be HIPAA compliant.

Know How

  • Our team has deep EHR experience and understands how to make EHR integration a smooth process. We have paid attention to the need for detailed documentation, and to making testing and error interpretation easy to do.
  • Practicing physicians and other medical personnel need smooth, non-disruptive workflow. We provide real time genomic clinical advice only as needed and within the context of the patient's care. The clinician need not have deep knowledge of genomics. Our emphasis is on actionable information that can inform better patient care.
  • Making genomics truly practical for EHRs requires an end to end solution. After the physician authorizes the testing, we take care of sample acquisition, sequencing, and the uploading, storage and interpretation of the genomic data.


Get ready to wow your prospects and customers, and become a leader in precision medicine. Contact us today to get started.