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ActX + 23andMe

ActX + a validated 23andMe analysis

Beyond Ancestry Genetics

Turn Your 23andMe raw data into professionally reviewed medical results

Using your 23andMe raw data, you can get the same type of professionally analyzed and reviewed genetic screening that your physician might order.

The ActX medical screening offers:
  • Improved accuracy (interpretation by a CAP accredited laboratory that has done a validation of the raw data)
  • Confirmation of serious risks by a second test (Sanger)
  • Medical view for your physician with the most up to date medically accepted clinical decision support available
  • Possible financial coverage through your HSA/FSA accounts

How ActX differs from DNA raw data analysis sites like Promethease

ActX has carefully validated the 23andMe raw data, and uses only probes that have been shown to work. A team of geneticists, genetic counselors, and pharmD’s carefully curates the variants and creates the content, which focuses on actionable items. A recent peer reviewed study (1) has shown that sites like Promethease return results that can contain up to 40% false positives for serious conditions. ActX is far more accurate and confirms all serious findings with a second test. Your physician will receive truly useful and actionable content.

What you and your physician get:

Prescription review (Pharmacogenomics)

Prescription review, also known as pharmacogenomics, can automatically alert your physician when writing your prescription that, based on your genetics, the medication may be ineffective, cause serious side effects or require different dosing, allowing them to prescribe a better alternative.

99% of people have genetic variants that will affect how their medications work

The 23andMe Ancestry version covers no medications. The ActX analysis contains much more extensive medication coverage than the 23andMe Health + Ancestry version.

Hereditary Risk

Hereditary risk genetic screening can identify actionable hereditary risks for certain cancers, types of cardiovascular disease and other conditions prior to any symptoms. ActX only screens for hereditary risks where there is scientific evidence that something can be done to reduce the risk or severity of the condition. Medical experts agree that this is the best approach for doctors and patients and non-actionable risks should not be screened for.

3-4% of patients have actionable genetic risks that can be addressed by a physician

The 23andMe Ancestry version covers no risks. The ActX analysis contains much more extensive risk coverage than the 23andMe Health + Ancestry.

Carrier Status

Carrier status covers recessive genetic conditions that you have a 25% chance to pass on to your children if both you and your partner have it.

60% of people who plan to have children will have at least one genetic condition they potentially could pass on to their children

The 23andMe Ancestry version does not cover carrier status. The ActX analysis contains much more extensive carrier status coverage than the 23andMe Health + Ancestry.

Physician's clinical decision support

With the amount of new genetic clinical evidence coming out daily it is a challenge for any clinician to be up to date on the latest clinical information. ActX has developed the GenoACT℠ clinical review service that is constantly updated to provide information on your genetic variants with expanded educational material and the latest suggested clinical actions that you and your physician can take.


For a limited time, the cost of the ActX analysis, including any confirmations of serious risks, is only $95.


ActX interpretation of 23andMe raw data requires the authorization of a physician. Versions 4 and 5 of 23andMe testing, which are the latest versions, are currently supported. ActX is a screening service, and not intended for the diagnosis of high risk patients. The service looks only at selected variants (DNA variations) for the targeted genes and not all possible genetic variants. Only validated portions of the 23andMe raw data are used. Available only to individuals 18 and older.

ActX is not affiliated with 23andMe. 23andMe is a trademark of 23andMe, Inc.

(1) Tandy-Connor et al., "False-positive results released by direct-to-consumer genetic tests highlight the importance of clinical confirmation testing for appropriate patient care", Genetics in Medicine Vol. 20, 1515–1521 (2018)