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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ActX’s 23andme raw file interpretation compare to other raw file interpretations?

As a CAP (College of American Pathology) accredited Laboratory, ActX offers a validated interpretation of the 23andme raw file. The 23andme raw genetic files have only received a very general quality assurance by 23andme. Through rigorous comparison analysis, ActX has validated a large number of 23andme raw probes. Only validated probes are included in the ActX interpretation. If a serious actionable risk is found, such as breast cancer risk, at no extra charge, ActX retests your DNA with a separate test, Sanger Sequencing, to improve accuracy. In addition, ActX offers your physician a medical interpretation of the results which makes it much easier for your physician to act on them.

How does ActX's 23andMe raw file interpretation compare to 23andMe's Health+Ancestry results?

The ActX 23andme raw file interpretation can be done whether you chose their Ancestry or their Health+Ancestry report. In the case of the Health+Ancestry report, the ActX interpretation includes substantially more medications, risks, and carrier statuses than 23andMe. ActX also confirms serious actionable risks with a second test (Sanger).

Why does ActX require a healthcare provider such as a physician to give permission for the raw file analysis?

For regulatory reasons, in the U.S. ActX can provide its much broader interpretation only when authorized by a licensed healthcare provider such as a physician. Having a healthcare provider involved allows for counseling if you need it.

What if I am not approved for the ActX analysis?

If your healthcare provider (physician) does not authorize you for ActX, you can request a full refund via our customer service page here.

How are the ActX results my physician receives different?

Unlike 23andMe or other services, ActX works closely with your physician and provides a clinical view of your interpretation, written to help physicians, often built into their electronic patient chart. For example, every prescription they write can be automatically checked against your genetics, notifying them if a drug is likely not to work or will cause side effects.

Is my information private and who can see it?

Your information is private, and you control who gets to see it. ActX abides by all HIPAA regulations. See our privacy information page for more detail.

Is ActX considered a diagnostic test?

No, ActX is a screening service rather than a diagnostic test.

How do I get my genetic results?

ActX gives you your results via a private web portal and smartphone app. The app allows you to view your genetic profile and look up medications on your phone anywhere in the world, 24/7.

How does my physician view my genetic results?

Your physician can view your genetic profile through a private web portal and within your electronic health record, which is your patient chart.

23andMe is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), why isn't ActX?

ActX is a Laboratory accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Because a physician is authorizing you for the service, FDA approval is not required.

Is ActX covered by insurance?

At this time the interpretation of a 23andMe genetic test is not covered by insurance. Because you are getting permission from your physician, it may be covered by HSA or FSA funds.

How do I transfer my 23andMe data to ActX?

You will be given instructions on how to upload your data during registration.

How long until I get my results?

For most patients, your results will be available within a week of receiving your data and physician authorization. If Sanger confirmatory testing is required, than results will take up to 4 weeks in total.

Why don't you return results on diseases like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's?

Both are examples of diseases with no known, actionable treatments. Once scientific research advances further and such treatments are uncovered, we will cover them in the future. ActX is a frequently updated service.

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