ActX is proud to offer a true genomic decision support platform built for Oracle Health (Cerner EHR). ActX uses your genomic data or provides a complete turn-key approach including genotyping. The ActX Precision Medicine Platform℠ Service offers real-time decision support for orders such as medications, alerts for actionable genomic risks, an integrated patient Genomic Profile, and the ability to customize content.

The ActX Genomic Profile is a SMART on FHIR app connected into Oracle Health, available as part of the Cerner Open Developer Experience (code) program.

Check drug-genome interactions
Integrated into the provider's workflow, ActX checks medications against the patient's genetics every time physicians write a prescription, alerting physicians if there is an issue with adverse effects, efficacy or dosing. ActX covers most U.S. prescription drugs for which there is evidence of a genomic effect. For example, a significant percentage of the U.S. population likely gets no pain relief from codeine based on their genetics, and ActX can alert clinicians to these patients.

Proactively identify actionable genetic risks
ActX also alerts physicians for actionable patient genomic risks, such as hereditary cancers and cardiovascular risks. For example, patients with the genetic condition Lynch syndrome can have up to a 70% lifetime risk of colorectal cancer. These patients need to begin colorectal cancer screening at age 20 or 30. Within Millennium EHR, the ActX Patient Genomic Profile displays a summary of all affected medications, risks, risk factors, and the patient's carrier status.

Dynamic reporting with Genomic Profiles
With real-time, integrated clinical decision support, ActX is designed for the workflow of busy clinicians that do not have to be experts in medical genetics. Decision support comes from the evidence-based KnowledgeBase, which includes references, and is updated when there is sufficient clinical validity and evidence. For institutions, ActX makes it easy to modify any clinical content or variant curation, and allows for selective overrides of drug-genome interactions, actionable risks, and triggering variants. If no override is applied, the ActX KnowledgeBase original content is defaulted to.

Patient genetic data can be imported from any clinically valid source. ActX also offers optional, saliva-based micro-array testing for 600,000 genetic variants. Testing through ActX covers pharmacogenomics, actionable risks, and carrier status.

After genomic data is on file for a patient, the ActX Actionable Genomics℠ Service is automatically activated. The authorizing physician will be alerted through the when the patient's data is first available, and when any serious genomic based medical risk is found (data is frequently reanalyzed). Every time a prescription is written, it will be checked for drug-genome interactions and will alert the prescriber if an actionable drug-genome alert is found. An up-to-date patient Genomic Profile is accessible within Oracle Health at any time.

ActX goes beyond a static PDF report: Our Genomic Profiles are continually updated as new studies become available. Clinicians are automatically notified within Cerner if new actionable risks are discovered. The patient's Genomic Profile allows clinicians to view a complete list of drug-genome interactions, actionable hereditary risks, and carrier status conditions for the patient.