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The ActX Service

Use the Power of Genetics to Personalize your Healthcare with Actionable Genomics Screening

Imagine Personalized Prescriptions

During your next office visit, your physician writes a prescription for you on their computer. Before the prescription is finished, an alert pops up showing that the medication prescribed will not work for you because of your genetics, unlike the patients it was originally tested on. It could also alert your physician that the prescription could lead to a serious side effect and then recommend a safer alternative. With the ActX Genomic Screening Service your physician has actionable genetic information at their finger-tips, and can personalize your prescriptions. 99% of patients can benefit from this pharmacogenomic genetic insight provided by ActX screening.

Imagine Personalized Hereditary Risk for Serious Conditions

Your genetics can also help identify actionable hereditary risks for certain cancers, types of cardiovascular disease and other conditions prior to any symptoms. You and your physician can then consider early testing and other medical actions that can help improve your future health. 3%-4% of patients have actionable serious genetic risks that can be acted on today if known.

Imagine Knowing Genetic Conditions that may Affect your Children

Today, genetic information has taken on a new role in family planning. Your genetics can tell you about your “Carrier Status” which are genetic conditions that do not affect you but can be passed on to your offspring if both you and the other parent have a variant in the same gene. ActX carrier status currently screens for more than 230 genetic diseases. Even if your children are grown, if they are planning on having kids of their own they will benefit from valuable genetic insight.

"I had a meeting with my physician and we went over all my ActX results. I found it fascinating and I only wish I'd had the information sooner in my life. There is a lot of valuable info available. I am especially pleased my physician is able to track possible reactions with medications. I have downloaded the app and find it really easy and handy to use". - ActX patient

Actionable and Focused on Only what you want to Know

Only actionable genetic conditions and medications are covered where there is evidence that there is something that you and your doctor can do

Comprehensive and understandable information is provided by ActX, written in an easy to understand way. Your doctors will be provided with clinical information on your genomic profile that discussed the latest clinical evidence and current testing and treatment practices. They are also advised when you could benefit from more extensive genetic testing and consultation.

Your privacy is maintained because we store your genetics securely and you control who can review and see your genomic profile. Our web portal and smartphone app allow you to share your genetics with any physician that you choose. In addition, by U.S. law (GINA) employers and health insurers are not allowed to use your genetics.

Profile choices because some patients will prefer not to know all the information on what their genomic risks are - for those patients we offer the ActX Pharmacogenomics Service, which includes only information on drug-genome interactions (it does include a few risks that affect medications).
"I found it very informative and helpful to be diagnosed properly." - ActX patient

As New Research is Published you are Constantly Updated on Changes that Affect you

The ActX scientific review team continuously updates the ActX KnowledgeBase with the latest published medical research and then compares it to your genetic information. If something new is found, the information will be made available to both you and your physician. Your physician can see the latest information in their electronic health record. You can see your latest information on a secure website or through the free ActX mobile phone app. If any critical or significant new updates are identified there will be a special alert sent to you and your physician.

How it Works:

  • Your health care provider authorizes you for the ActX Service
  • You receive an email with a link that allows you to enroll in the ActX Service
  • After enrollment, you will receive a saliva sample collection kit at your home address. You will need to spit a small amount of saliva into a tube and then mail it to our CLIA-certified laboratory where it will be analyzed
  • Your DNA will be analyzed against the latest scientific data
  • The ActX Service will be activated and you and your physician will be able to see your genomic profile. Your genetic profile is accessible 24/7 via the IOS or Android Mobile app, as well as the ActX patient portal

Inexpensive and Covered by HSA/FSA Funds

Based on technical advances a broad screening test covering hundreds of genetic variants can be performed at a cost comparable to what it costs for the medical testing of one or a couple of genes.

Because this service has to be authorized by your physician and is for professional medical use by your physician, the ActX service can usually be paid for from your HSA or FSA account. Please note that your plan’s administrator makes the final decisions on coverage, so HSA/FSA coverage cannot be guaranteed. Your HSA or FSA plan’s debit card will be accepted on our payment processing screen.

Note: ActX is a screening service and not intended for the diagnosis of high risk patients. The service looks only at selected variants (DNA variations) for the targeted genes and not all possible genetic variants.

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