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ActX Becomes a Validated Cerner Code Developer Partner

Seattle, WA - September 6th, 2021 - ActX, a leader in personalized and precision medicine, is proud to announce that it now has a validated app in the Cerner Open Developer Experience (Code) program.

The ActX Genomic Profile is a SMART on FHIR app integrated into Cerner Millennium EHR. It provides dynamic and frequently updated genomic reporting and clinical decision support to providers, eliminating the need for PDF’s. ActX is laboratory agnostic, allowing sites to import genetic results from any clinically valid laboratory. Enabling the ActX Genomic Profile app within Cerner Millennium is a small project for the IT team and can be accomplished in a matter of weeks.

ActX provides genomic decision support that facilitates personalized prescribing and actionable risk management based on a patient’s unique genetic profile, all within the provider’s workflow. The clinician can be alerted if a medication is likely to be ineffective, cause side effects, or need a dosing adjustment, based on the patient’s genetics. With one click in the Millennium patient chart, providers will have access to their patients’ genomic profiles, offering insight into drug genomic interactions, hereditary risks, and carrier status. Having an integrated patient genomic profile enables providers to proactively tailor care plans to the individual.

“We are excited to become a Cerner Code validated app, which makes it easier for health systems to integrate the ActX Genomic Service,” said Andrew Ury, M.D., ActX CEO. “ActX helps to improve patient care using a precision medicine approach. We help the patient get the right medication at the right dose the first time, and to receive proactive care to avoid actionable risks, all built into the provider’s workflow within Millennium.”

Visit our partner page to learn more about ActX for Cerner or request a demonstration today.

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