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ActX Brings Genomic Decision Support service to Cerner Customers

ActX is collaborating with Cerner so you can offer Precision Medicine to your patients today. The ActX Service turns a patient’s genetic data into actionable insights that clinicians can use to personalize medical care. ActX offers a wide ranging Genomic Decision Support℠ Service including drug-genome interactions, actionable genetic risks, carrier status, and somatic (tumor) variants.

Precision Medicine Platform Service

The ActX Platform offers institutions a scalable, customizable solution for bringing genomics into the routine workflow of clinicians. ActX allows you to import genetic data from any clinically valid source. Our KnowledgeBase provides a comprehensive foundation for decision support, but is easily customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization. ActX also offers optional inexpensive genotyping for obtaining germline patient genetic data.

Check drug-genome interactions

99% of patients carry one or more genetic variants that affect medications. Based on a patient’s genetics, ActX identifies adverse effects, efficacy and dosing issues so clinicians can prescribe the right drug. Our service covers most U.S. prescription medications for which there is evidence of a genomic effect, and continues to grow as new information becomes available.

Proactively identify actionable genetic risks

ActX helps clinicians identify actionable hereditary risks proactively by making genetic information useful at the point of care. For the 3-4% of patients with actionable genetic risks, ActX provides comprehensive decision support, including a summary of each finding, evidence-based recommendations and supporting references. The patient’s data is frequently reanalyzed as new research becomes available. Clinicians will be notified if any actionable risks are found, and can view a complete list of their patient’s risks within their Genomic Profile.

Dynamic reporting with Genomic Profiles

ActX goes beyond a static PDF report: Our Genomic Profiles are continually updated as new studies become available. Clinicians are automatically notified within Cerner if new actionable risks are discovered. The patient’s Genomic Profile allows clinicians to view a complete list of drug-genome interactions, actionable hereditary risks, and carrier status conditions for the patient. Learn more about how ActX can make Precision Medicine practical for your clinicians:

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