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The Vancouver Clinic Implements ActX Genomic Decision Support within Epic

Seattle, WA – Thursday, February 16, 2017 – Precision Medicine is coming to Vancouver, WA, where The Vancouver Clinic, a large multi-specialty provider, has decided to adopt ActX Genomic Decision Support. ActX will enable The Vancouver Clinic’s 250 providers to use genomics in everyday patient care by integrating clinically actionable insights within the Epic workflow. For patients who choose to have this testing, their providers will be able to better personalize medication and screening choices based on each person’s individual genetic profile.

The Vancouver Clinic’s decision to offer genomic screening is an important step toward their mission to excel at innovative patient-focused, quality-proven care.

“The ability to use a patient’s individual genomic information as we care for them, and to consider this as we make treatment decisions about the use of medication, will make a powerful difference in our ability to give people the very best care available. We are very excited to bring these cutting-edge tools to our patients,” says Marcia Sparling, M.D., Medical Director for Operations and IT at The Vancouver Clinic. “This is an evolving area of medicine, and this tool will only become more powerful with time.”

With the implementation of ActX, patients will be able to obtain testing, and those results show up in the electronic health record, allowing The Vancouver Clinic providers to use genomics to personalize therapies and manage hereditary risks. Every time their provider orders medication through EpicCare, ActX will alert them in real time about potential adverse reactions, drug efficacy or dosing issues based on the patient's genetics. Evidence-based decision support will also help providers take proactive steps toward minimizing actionable hereditary conditions. This functionality will allow providers to better understand the potential clinical implications of genomic findings and tailor their patient's care accordingly.

The genomic information is optimized for clinical use through close integration with The Vancouver Clinic's Electronic Health Record, which is provided by Epic. Genomic alerts and profiles are built into the provider's normal workflow, giving them the information they need, where they need it.

“We are very excited to work with The Vancouver Clinic and Epic to bring genomic decision support to The Vancouver Clinic,” says Dr. Andrew Ury, ActX CEO. “Integrating this information with the EHR is crucial for making genomics part of everyday medical care and helping to improve healthcare quality and outcomes.”

To learn more about ActX, visit www.actx.com.

To learn more about The Vancouver Clinic, visit www.tvc.org.

Contact Information:

Mike Dellario
Marketing Consultant
ActX, Inc.
(206) 369-0066

Chastell Ely
Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications
The Vancouver Clinic
(360) 397-3860

About ActX:

ActX is the industry leader in EHR-integrated Precision Medicine. Our service helps physicians make better decisions about medical treatment, using a patient’s genetic information to guide therapy. Integrated into a physician’s electronic health record workflow, ActX analyzes the patient’s genetic information in real time. To take the next step toward Precision Medicine, visit www.actx.com, email info@actx.com or call 888-998-2289.

About The Vancouver Clinic:

The Vancouver Clinic (TVC) has served residents of Southwest Washington since 1936, and is the largest private multi-specialty clinic in Clark County with over 250 providers and 1,100 staff. TVC operates five clinics across Vancouver, Battle Ground and Washougal, and provides 40 medical specialties. Its mission is to be the best in the Northwest for patient-focused, quality-proven care.

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