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ActX Expands Genomic Services

Seattle, WAFebruary 22, 2016 – ActX announces an expansion of service alternatives with the release of the New “ActX Pharmacogenomic Service” option. This addresses the needs of patients who would prefer not to know about their non-medication risks and only want to receive drug-genomic interaction information. The standard “ActX Full Service” option will still be available for patients who want a complete view of their actionable genomic risks. Patients who do choose the new service option will still have the option to expand their coverage from the ActX Pharmacogenomic Service to the ActX Full Service at a later date for a small fee and if approved by their physician. The new ActX Pharmacogenomic Service is currently available to physicians and their patients.

“I am excited that our new service option allows us to further individualize alternatives we provide to the patient and their physician. Having more choices is important as we enter into the era of precision medicine,” said Dr. Andrew Ury, ActX CEO.

For more information about ActX and the Electronic Health Record integrated genomic testing and monitoring service provided to patients and physicians please visit our website www.ActX.com.

About ActX:
Founded in 2012, ActX helps physicians make better decisions about medical treatment, using a patient’s genetic information to guide therapy. Integrated into a physician’s normal software tools (the electronic medical record) and workflow, ActX analyzes the patient’s genetic information in real time and, for example, alerts the physician if a medication is unlikely to be effective or will cause side effects. ActX can also warn the physician about serious, actionable medical risks. For more information about ActX and taking the next step towards precision medicine, visit us at www.actx.com, contact us at info@actx.com or call 888-998-2289.

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